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10 Aug

I put the B in...


I was hoping to post this in June since it was pride month, but I just wasn’t ready yet. So here we are today. I am finally sharing the person I am and becoming free to be me.

I am Bisexual.

All this means is I like men and I like women. Absolutely nothing else is different about me. I am still the same person you all know and hopefully, love! The only difference is now you all know and I don’t have to hide my true self.

Love is Love.

I’ll tell you a little bit about my story. I have always thought women were attractive but I always kind of suppressed those feelings and didn’t want to believe they were real feelings. I did a “thing” on a boat once with a girl and told everyone I didn’t like it, even though I secretly did. Early this year, I went and saw Charlie’s Angels at the movie theater and when I left I texted my best friend and told him about how much I loved Kristen Stewart in the movie and that she was my celebrity crush. He asked me if I could ever see myself dating a woman. I thought about it and said yes, I think I could. His words were, “I love that journey for you!” Since then I have told a select few of my closest friends but hadn’t felt comfortable telling anyone else. I think it’s because I have never actually dated a woman and I fear the questions that people will ask. I’m not scared anymore. I just want to be me.

Love is Love.

Right now, I’m currently obsessed with Lesbian/bisexual TikTok. These women are absolutely gorgeous and they inspire me to be me, no matter what! I strive to live my life as authentically and confidently as they do. Maybe you will even see me on there one day!

Love is Love.

I am not currently in a relationship right now, but I am open to dating both men and women (but not at the same time! Not that there is anything wrong with that. It's just not for me!) and am activley looking for a relationship. I am new to being in this community so if any of my fellow LGBTQ+ fam can give me and anyone reading this, any type of advice and encouragement it is always welcome here!

Love is Love.

Lastly, I just want to give my heart to the trans community and everything you are going through right now. I know a lot is going on and I want you to know that I am always here for you and I know a lot of my readers are here for you too. If you need any resources or you are a friend or parent who needs resources, here are a few:




Love is Love.



Anna Forcier

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