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28 Sep

Meet My Friend Erin!

Hi Friends! 

I met this really cool person through a mutual friend and her and I really align in our thoughts about body image and intuitive eating, and mindfulness. I have asked her to be a guest writer so she can share a really cool program she has to offer! If this interests you please reach out to Erin! Keep reading to find out more...


In just a few days, a groundbreaking program launches for individuals looking to cultivate positive body image and healthful eating habits.

The six-week online series is provided by the internationally‐recognized non‐profit organization, E​at Breathe Thrive, whose mission is to provide skills and resources for healthy eating, emotional resilience, and positive embodiment.

Hello! My name is Erin Beattie and I am a facilitator for Eat Breathe Thrive’s Detroit chapter. I am SO excited to offer this program online so it can reach a wide audience from around the globe!


I am offering this program because I want to help others feel empowered and free from the confines of disordered eating and body image dissatisfaction. Put simply, if we spend less time worrying about what to eat or how we look, we have more mental space to focus on other and more enjoyable aspects of life. I am so honored to be offering this program, and with a phenomenal co-facilitator, Laura Mindell.


Throughout our six online sessions, we will:

·       Learn practical tools for cultivating positive body image and healthful eating habits.

·       Connect with an amazing circle of friends who will support you along your journey.

·       Find out how yoga can be used to redefine your relationship with your body and yourself.

·       Discover a sense of self‐worth and belonging through community and the power of service.

·       Uncover your body’s innate intelligence through meditations for tracking hunger and fullness.


We will e-meet Wednesdays from 7-9pm EST beginning Wednesday, September 30th thru November 4th. Pre-registration is required and scholarships are available.


·       Ready to apply? www.eatbreathethrive.org/join-us

·       Questions? Email us at eatbreathethrive1@gmail.com


Interested in the program yet unable to make these dates? We do not currently have another series on the calendar, but we hope to share this incredible program again. Connect with us by emailing eatbreathethrive1@gmail.com and we are more than happy to keep you updated.


“If you are searching for ways to be in tune with your body and show it the love and respect it deserves, then join your local Thrive Tribe.”  ‒Lindsey Roark

Wishing you peace and happiness. See you in class!


Erin Lynne Beattie


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