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20 Jul

My Personal Brand

I am in a leadership group at work right now and one of the lessons we learned was about finding your personal brand and then living that brand. So we all came up with a statement that would represent our brand. Here is mine:

Empowering others with my inspirational words and actions. 

This statement is something that I feel really represents who I am as a person and maybe one day as a leader. My goal in life in general is to help other people and empower them to live their best life and I’m always looking for new ways to inspire people.

We also learned that along with your brand statement you should have a brand vision. For example, when you think of Santa you think a white beard, a red hat, and a jolly ho ho ho. When people see me, I want them to think smiling face or what I call resting nice face. Which is a play of the popular term resting bitch face. I’ve been told that I have a friendly looking face and that I always look like I’m smiling. Everywhere I go people talk to me. When I’m in a store people are always asking me where things are. It’s just my face I guess! LOL!

If this is something that interests you and you want to create your own brand statement and vision, here are a few steps I took to get to my final product.

                Make a list of your passions

                Write down 3 words you use to describe yourself

                Take your passions and describing words and create a sentence or 2 that represents you

                Think of how you want people to see you and remember you

What did you come up with?

I found a really cool article on Linkedin about how Michelle Obama (who I look up to) built her personal brand. Check it out and it might be able to help you create yours.

Have fun with it and remember as you grow as a person your brand can change. Make sure to check in on it every so often. Most importantly live your brand every day!


Anna Forcier

Anna Forcier loves elephants, unicorns, sunshine, and rainbows!