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3 Jul

Self-Care Sunday

You asked and I delivered. Here is my Sunday self-care routine!

1.       I allow myself to sleep in - I don’t have children, so it makes it easier for me to do this!

2.       Morning skin care routine

3.       Throw on some exercise clothes

4.       Eat a quick breakfast – usually some sort of granola bar and some water

5.       Go for a long walk – I try to get in 15K steps on Sunday’s – I also listen to my favorite music on my walk

6.       Eat lunch – whatever makes my body feel good!

7.       Relax time – watch my favorite show or read a book or take a nap

8.       Cook Dinner – cooking is very relaxing to me and one of my favorite activities. I also love to bake!

9.       Family time – I eat dinner with my family, and we talk about our day

10.   Go outside – in the summer, I try to spend as much time as I can outside. I’ll sit in a hammock or in a swing or take another walk or go for a bike ride

11.   Night time stuff

a.       Take a lavender bath with my favorite sheet mask

b.       Night time skin care routine

c.       Take my vitamins and medication

d.       Set out my outfit for the next day

e.       Turn on my diffusor with lavender essential oils

f.        Meditate – I use the Insight Timer app

12.   Early bedtime – ZZZZ

It is super important to take a day for yourself. I do this every Sunday, but I realize that’s not possible for everyone so try to plan at least one day a month. I do the things that I enjoy and you should do the same! Find what makes you happy. Find what makes you relax. Take care of yourself!


Anna Forcier

Anna Forcier loves elephants, unicorns, sunshine, and rainbows!