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27 Apr

Goals, Goals, Goals!

I was recently at a Women’s Conference put on by Quicken Loans Family of Companies (where I work). The first keynote speaker of the day, Tonya Allen, President & CEO of the Skillman Foundation, spoke about how she likes to set her goals. She locks herself in a room for a day and writes down everything she wants to accomplish. This really spoke to me. I have so many goals, but I never take the time to actually put it down on paper and work towards them. So, one day, I locked myself in my bedroom and came up with all the goals I have for this year. I would like to share some with you here.

Goal #1: Improve my Communication Skills

                -Sub Goal #1: Read 1 book on communication each month

                      -How to Make Friends and influence people - April       

                      -Everyone Communicates. Few connect. - May       

                      -The lost are of listening - June       

                      -Fierce Conversation - July       

                      -Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - August      

                     -The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - September               

                      -Happiness Advantage - October       

                     -What got you here won't get you there - November

                    - Difficult Conversations: How to have conversations that matter the most -December 

                -Sub Goal #2: Take a class on communication

Goal #2: Speak in front of a large group of people about my story

                -Sub Goal #1: Take an improv class

                -Sub Goal #2: Attend conferences where people are sharing personal stories

                -Sub Goal #3: Take public speaking training classes

Goal #3: Find a Mentor

                -Sub Goal #1: Create a list of people I admire and who have the qualities to help me

                -Sub Goal #2: Narrow down my list and email my top 2 picks and ask to talk over lunch

Goal #4: Cut back on Sugar          

                -Sub Goal #1: Go 21 days without eating foods with added sugars (Ex. Cookies, donuts, candy)

                -Sub Goal #2: After 21 days, limit sweets to once a week or when there are special occasions

Goal #5: Post a blog each week

                -Sub Goal #1: List out topics to write about

                -Sub Goal #2: Always be 2 blogs ahead

These are just 5 of many goals that I have for myself. It’s that easy. Think of something you want to accomplish and then make mini goals to help you stay on track. The first 3 goals are professional goals and the last 2 are personal goals. You can mix it up or you can create 2 separate lists, it’s really up to you! The point is, write them down! You are more likely to accomplish a goal when you write it down. You become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis according to a Huffington post article. Check out my previous blog post to learn about S.M.A.R.T. goal setting. I also find it helpful to share your goals with others and have them help you stay accountable, which is why I am sharing with all of you!


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